May 20-21 noon to noon

Build something cool at CodeDay Pittsburgh.

What Is CodeDay?

CodeDay is a nationwide event where student programmers, artists, musicians, actors, and everyone else can get together and build apps & games for 24 hours. Students of all skill levels are welcome — we have workshops and mentors who can help if you're new!

At the beginning of CodeDay, everyone with an idea comes up and pitches it to the group. If you're on your own, or just without an idea, this is the time for you to find a team.

How It Works

  • Two CodeDay attendees greeting each other. 1. Arrive, make new friends.
  • A CodeDay attendee pitches an idea for an app or game. 2. Pitch ideas for what you want to make.
  • CodeDay attendees learn at a workshop. 3. Optional: attend workshops.
  • A CodeDay attendee makes something with the help of a mentor. 4. Make it! (With help from our mentors.)


  • Do I need to come with a team?

    No! In fact, most people don't come with a team! At the beginning of the event, everyone will pitch ideas for what they want to build. You can form a team then.

  • What should I bring?

    Bring your laptop and mouse. Food is included in your ticket. If you're planning on sleeping, bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and toothbrush. Desktop PCs and monitors are also allowed, although less common.

  • Can you tell me about CodeDay in the form of a song?

    Yes! Here's a song from our friend Matt Farley:

  • Can I really come if I don't code?

    Yes! Part of the fun is learning how to program when working with other people. We'll also provide some great workshops that you can attend. Or you can always just hang out and have fun!

  • What ages are allowed?

    You must be either be in high school, or in college and under the age of 25. (Middle school students and other special cases should contact us for permission.)

  • Where will I sleep?

    Students who plan to sleep (we recommend you do!) can sleep anywhere in the venue, or in the designated sleeping room. Don't forget to pack a sleeping bag and pillow!

  • We'd like to attend as a school. Can we pay with a PO?

    Yes, please visit our school registration page to submit your registration. We will follow up to complete the purchasing process.

  • What is security like at the event?

    The venue will be locked down overnight, and students under 18 will not be able to leave without a parent there to pick them up.

  • Can I attend with my student?

    Parents can attend the Kickoff and final presentations, but cannot stay throughout the event due to background check requirements. Teachers may attend with students, but must show school ID or other proof of status at the door.


Saturday, May 20

  • 11am Doors open Please don't show up earlier, you'll be waiting outside!
  • 11am Lunch All food is included with your ticket!
  • 12pm Kickoff & Pitches Not sure what you want to work on? Our Code Evangelists will help you get some ideas and form a team.
  • 1pm Start Coding! After forming teams, it's time to get to work on your project! Our Code Evangelists and other mentors will be helping teams throughout the event.
  • 2pm Beginner: Intro to coding Totally new to coding? No problem! Attend this workshop and our Code Evangelists will walk you through creating your first game.
  • 5pm Splunk: Make your game better with data Learn how others play your game and use that knowledge to make it more fun with minimal work.
  • 6pm Dinner All food is included with your ticket!

Sunday, May 21

  • 12am Midnight Snack All food is included with your ticket!
  • 7am Breakfast All food is included with your ticket!
  • 8am Presentation sign-up The final few hours. Teams with something to show are encouraged to sign up to present at the end.
  • 9am Judges arrive Judges will go around to demo the projects before the final presentations.
  • 10am Presentations Everyone who created something during CodeDay is asked to give a brief presentation.
  • 11am Awards Awards given for Top Overall, Best App, Best Game, and more.
  • 12pm Clean-up Thank the venue for hosting CodeDay by helping clean up!

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