CodeDay drives interest in CS classes.

CodeDay is a 24-hour, beginner-focused tech education event which gets students coding: 80% of attendees with no prior experience continue programming after.

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What is CodeDay?

We created CodeDay to fill the gap between in-school programs, which explain how to code and the eternal question of students: why do I need to know this?

At CodeDay, students pitch ideas for apps or games they want to see exist, then spend the next 24 hours creating them with the help of staff and mentors.

Students regularly tell us CodeDay is one of the most meaningful things they've done. Over 80% of our attendees continue to code after attending, strengthening enrollment in high school and college CS offerings.

What do prior attendees have to say?

The Salinas Valley is known as the “Salad Bowl Capital of the World” due to its amazing agricultural community. Unfortunately, it is also known as one of the 13 most dangerous cities in California due to the level of gang violence. My goal as an administrator of Migrant Education Region 16 is to expose my students to the vast opportunities that exist outside of our valley.

CodeDay provided our students with a first stepping-stone into the world of “coders”. Students entered their first CodeDay with no knowledge of what to expect. They were welcomed with open arms, provided with mentors, taught basic coding skills, and began to see themselves as capable of being part of this “world.”

My students are now confident, not just as future “coders,” but as future participants in the careers that STEM has to offer!

Summer Prather-Smith Director of Migrant Education Region XVI Monterey County Office of Education
  • “It was an amazing journey.”
    High School Freshman
  • “The energy everyone had with each other... it was amazing.”
    High School Freshman
  • “Now I want to keep coding!”
    High School Senior

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Attendee Roster

You'll need to collect some information from all students who will be attending, and submit this information as an Excel spreadsheet (or CSV).

For faster processing, please download and use this roster template when submitting student data.

Payment and Scholarships

We normally charge school groups $7 per attendee, which covers some of our costs in providing food. We will send you an invoice for this after your registrations are processed. If this is a burden on your school or students, you can request a scholarship on the form.


  • How safe is CodeDay?

    The venue will be locked down shortly after kickoff until just before presentations, and our trained event staff carefully supervise the event from beginning to end.

  • Are staff background-checked?

    Yes, only background-checked staff and volunteers, teachers presenting school ID, and students are allowed to remain at the event outside of kickoff and presentations.

  • Will students need a waiver?

    Yes, we require students to complete a waiver. These will be emailed to the parent emails provided when you register.

  • Who is CodeDay targeted at?

    CodeDay targets high school students with any interest in making video games. Whether your students have taken the AP Computer Science exam, or are simply interested in making art for games, they'll have a great time.

  • What are the prerequisites to attend?

    Other than being enrolled as a high school or college student, there really are no prerequisites! CodeDay is one of the most beginner-friendly events available.

  • What will students learn?

    At the end of the event, students will be able to: work with a team to create specifications for a project, search online for answers to technical problems, and program a complete and functioning application or game.

  • What projects will students complete?

    Because CodeDay is intended to inspire creativity, we do not assign projects. Students will start the event by pitching ideas for projects they want to create.

  • Must teachers/chaperones attend?

    Chaperones or teachers are not required to attend, but are recommended for groups of more than 10 students. We will need to either conduct our own background check on attending chaperones, or you will need to confirm that your school has performed them.

  • Where will our students sleep?

    Students should bring sleeping bags and toothbrushes, and will generally sleep near their work area. Students will not be allowed to sleep in isolated areas, they'll need to be in view of our staff, unless we are able to provide gender-segregated sleeping rooms.

  • Can parents attend?

    Parents can attend the kickoff (noon on Saturday) and presentations (10am on Sunday) but cannot stay for the rest of the event. We recommend you invite parents to come for presentations.

  • What do teachers do?

    Because CodeDay is a self-driven event, teachers function as chaperones and cheerleaders, but not instructors. Students are expected to come up with their own ideas, form their own teams, and solve their own problems.

  • Do we compete as a school team?

    We encourage students to work with students from other schools in order to build a network. CodeDay is not heavily competitive, and the awards we do give are small and for effort.

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