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  • Dynamic Duo for lolz
  • Platform Platform
  • The Clicker The clicker you want to play.
  • TweetTweet Trump tweet generator
  • Marriage with Recursion Literally allows to do things exponentially faster.
  • RandomMinecraftStuff Just playing some Minecraft (redstone)
  • BAzinga 2-D game creation by 2 weird people
  • FireFighters cat clicking
  • ChessMate Find nearby people wanting to chess
  • Petbnb Airbnb for Pet
  • combat just a little of detail added
  • Travlr Connects college students looking for Ubers to the airport
  • Coding Knights What if we did something with Roblox......?
  • HeyNeighbor! A way to Freelance/ help the Neighbors around you.
  • Mars Companion A companion app for the board game Terraforming Mars
  • Euler Dungeon A top down dungeon exploring game featuring Euler paths
  • BASIC Ti84 Plus CE I will be making a basic bouncing ball game.
  • CBBG Communist Banana of the Blood God (CBBG) is a game about a communist banana
  • Rubik's Cube Solver Solves a Rubik's Cube with Java