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  • 2hu ⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨
  • test
  • Python Craps Text Game
  • Hexfit
  • Pet-A-Pet
  • Mustache Mafia Game
  • Hands-Free Presentation
  • Can You Recycle Me?
  • CloudFlu
  • Allerg.io
  • CodeDay Bay Area Staff!
  • spaceship laser game.
  • Allerg.io
  • SuperHyperBuff The only game that combines huge muscles with everything imaginable.
  • RoadsKills a package of games to play on a road trip
  • Domination Trump A funny game related to Trump's presidency.
  • PolyDefense Gesture-based phone-controlled co-op survival defense in a custom JS engine
  • C.T.U.S to demonstrate how hard it is to cross the border.
  • zombie assassin they train to surviving
  • Seasonal Makeup Unfinished website to help keep up with makeup trends throughout the season
  • Resi Salvador We learn how to create a game
  • Snipr simple shooter
  • cdba 111
  • Tap Tap PPAP Click on falling pineapples and apples at the green line for maximum points
  • Presidential Race Platform game in which George Washington picks up objects
  • CheerBot A chatbot that comforts and encourages the user
  • Bro.bot A virtual party animal/brodude.
  • Student Alcohol Predict A website that predicts the likelihood of underage drinking.
  • BusyBee A helpful app to connect friends and family
  • NBA Shootout A basketball/shooting game.
  • SpraySumo A local multiplayer game between friends! Push you friends to the edge!!
  • Talk About It A chat where people can talk about specific issues they struggle with.
  • CandyFalls Keep the candy from touching the ground.
  • Communities Connecting communities in SF
  • Adventure of a Lifetime A fun choose your own adventure game about saving a gorilla.
  • infringe.js A web game about an experiment gone horribly wrong.
  • Penflower A website for nonprofit essay editing
  • Nerf ammo counter website website for nerf ammo counter
  • Witt An education app that lets students unleash their inner knowledge.
  • Decoding GenZ Decoder for current teen slang.
  • CodeDay Staff We organize CodeDay!
  • With These Eyes An RPG-based web game that plays in one world from two perspectives.
  • Staff Staff